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The practice is located in Strigova, in the north-western part of Croatia.

A perfect smile – your souvenir from the heavenly nook of Međimurje

Dr. Ninoslav Petek's Dental Office is located in Štrigova, a place located in the very north-west corner of the Republic of Croatia. The picturesque Međimurje region is known for the abundance of vineyards and orchards, as well as the locally produced wines that have been highly regarded for their tradition and quality since the antiquity. Old local manors bear witness to the times gone by and the noble families who resided here. An old manor named Fodrotzy is located in the close vicinity of the dental office. Unfortunately, it is in a state of ruin. It was the home of the first dental office where the dental protection for the local residents began.

A few kilometers from Štrigova is the St. Martin Spa & Golf Resort. This destination combines active vacation and relaxing moments with the help of traditional meals and preserved nature.

Make the best use of your vacation - spend some joyful moments, get to know the Međimurje region, do something for your health and leave with a perfect smile.

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Štrigova 49, 40312 Štrigova, Croatia

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